Akira Horiguchi (he/him/his)


I am a Postdoctoral Associate of the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University, working with Professors Li Ma and Cliburn Chan.

  • Prior to this, I obtained my PhD in Statistics from The Ohio State University, advised by Professors Matthew T. Pratola and Thomas J. Santner.
  • Prior to this, I obtained my BS in Mathematics from the University of Maryland.

My research interests include

  • Bayesian nonparametrics: stick-breaking models, clustering, covariate-dependent mixture models, application to flow cytometry
  • Bayesian regression trees: sensitivity analysis, computer experiments, multiobjective optimization

Here are my CV and other identifiers: Research Gate, orcid, Scholars@Duke, headshot, short bio.


Below are (free!) resources that I've found useful in doing research.


Mathematical Writing by Donald E. Knuth, Tracy Larrabee, and Paul M. Roberts
A quick read.
The Science of Scientific Writing by George Gopen
A classic.


Advanced R by Hadley Wickham
The sections "Foundations" and "Functional programming" seem to be universally helpful to anyone using R.


Org Mode
Org Mode can do everything Markdown can and also much, much more. I use Org Mode to write my project logs for which TODO/DONE tags are handy. I also used Org Mode to create this website.
I use Quarto to share "in-progress" simulation results or data analysis with collaborators.
Like Google Docs, but for LaTeX. It now has a Overleaf submit to arXiv feature.